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Co-Founder & CEO

Ido Raz

Our Co-founder and CEO, Ido Raz, is an experienced entrepreneur and eGrocery expert. Ido has a proven track record of delivering logistics efficiency and driving bottom-line results, with a special focus on the eCommerce industry’s middle-mile logistics, big data, and marketing. 


Before building Deliverider, Ido served as an executive in Israel’s largest online retailer, holding multiple leadership roles, including Director of Business Development and Innovation at Shufersal. Ido also conceived and founded Shufersal’s B2B business line alongside other successful online initiatives.

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The Founders


Deliver Greater Sustainability Via Consolidation

Last-mile delivery of one package per stop is incredibly energy intensive and reflects the most wasteful stage of today’s same-day ecommerce fulfillment paradigm. At Deliverider, our consolidation technology avoids the inefficiencies of dropshipping and quick commerce that magnify the environmental impact of last-mile fulfillment.

Gain Higher Efficiency From The Same Resources

Instead of sending single items to the end consumer across multiple shipments, Deliverider’s middle-mile logistics solution consolidates goods ordered from local sellers to ride along with existing last-mile deliveries. This effort involves hyperlocal pickups from nearby sellers combined with highly energy-efficient vehicles to consolidate orders at distribution centers before last-mile fulfillment. 

Efficient Logistics Driven by Technology

Deliverider provides a technology-enabled, middle-mile logistics solution for online retailers. The platform allows retailers to offer low-cost-non-inventory products alongside their in-stock selection and fulfill them in the same basket without costly stocking of third-party inventory or multiple last-mile shipments. The solution powers larger checkout baskets, increases profitability, safeguards customer data, and reduces carbon footprint, resulting in happier customers.



Co-founder & CTO

Elad Kantor

Our co-founder and CTO, Elad Kantor, brings over 15 years of executive experience and leadership to the Deliverider team. Elad is a seasoned entrepreneur, harboring deep familiarity with designing, building, and managing the development of large-scale marketplace solutions.


Prior to joining Deliverider, Elad served as the Vice President of R&D at IdeoDigital, where he was responsible for overseeing the R&D of Shufersal’s marketplace. This is in addition to entrepreneurial roles where he handled senior-level development activities and team management.

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