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Extend Your Catalog Without Added Overheads

A Win-Win Solution For Retailers And Sellers

We developed an innovative, sustainable logistics solution to support same-day, last-mile delivery by consolidating baskets at distribution centers. Our logistics hack allows online retailers to extend their catalog with thousands of third-party, low-cost, high-converting items without needing costly warehousing or multiple last-mile shipments.


All third-party items are fulfilled by Deliverider just in time to the retailer's distribution center for consolidation with an order’s in-stock items, supporting a new and improved online experience for your customers.

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Significant Value For Everyone

Your Customers

  • Enjoy a wide selection of third-party offerings on your website without having to meet minimum thresholds for each seller​

  • Receive consolidated packages for all the items in the cart (including third-party items) at no added cost ​

  • Benefit from same-day delivery, even for complementary third-party items riding in the same basket

Online Retailer

  • Gain a unique value proposition for your customers​

  • Offer a one-stop-shop with an extended catalog, all seamlessly consolidated in one delivery at no additional cost

  • Increase your customers’ average basket size by 5-10% with a sustainable and profitable solution

  • Bypass all the logistical hassles by deploying Deliverider’s end-to-end solution

Third-party sellers

  • Can even sell low-cost items without forcing customers to meet minimum free shipping thresholds

  • Build new monetization channels through large online retailers’ popular websites​

  • Enjoy advanced delivery services for a reasonable commission

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